Uncle Bob: decouple your app from Rails

Robert C. Martin in his famous keynote “Architecture: The Lost Years” says we, the proud Rails programmers, are doing it wrong. Uncle Bobs urges us to decouple our applications from frameworks. And Rails is no exception. According to Uncle Bob, we should build upon frameworks, but isolate from them.

I mean, really? Why should I? Is it even possible?

The expected benefits are profound.

But at what cost? How much overhead and boilerplate code do we need to achieve that? How can I decouple from ActiveRecord? I love the convenience and white magic ActiveRecord and Rails stack is giving to me!

I’m in the process of developing an experimental application which tries to answer those questions. The initial findings are very encouraging!

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One Response to Uncle Bob: decouple your app from Rails

  1. Hélio says:


    You’ve got any conclusions?
    Nowadays we have some gems to help us with persistence isolation like Datamappify and Virtus gems. Maybe today is more easy to decouple this part, huh?

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